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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
14 November 2013 @ 07:33 pm
Because I am in desperate need of cosplay money and no longer have need of doujinshi, I need to sell them all before the end of this year if possible. Most are Gurren Lagann (Pairing: Simon/Rossiu) but I do have a few others. I do have some things that need to be known when buying though:

-All shipping is 5 dollars. I will combine shipping for multiple orders.

-I will usually ship on Wednesday or Thursday unless something comes up.

-Paypal is the preferred method. I will take payments at agentalaska@aol.com; If you want to do cash or check, I don't mind but it's at your own risk.

-Please send payment as gift ONLY. Buyer pays fees.

-If you have questions about the content inside, please feel free to ask. I can send scans if needed.

-All doujinshi will be marked with the rating type (PG, PG-13, 18+) There are only a few 18+, sadly, due to all of the adult ones being stolen by my ex-husband's new girlfriend.

-I CAN hold items, but only for a short time. So if you intend on buying it, have the money within a week. Once the week passes, It goes back up for grabs.

-I DO NOT do translations. All doujinshi are in Japanese. Please do not ask for translations. (This has been asked of me already and though I was able to provide one because of a friend, I will not do it again because I do not want to inconvenience my friend.)

-All items are in excellent condition and had been stored away from damage.

-Prices will depend on the content and size. Anthologies will obviously cost more. 18+ will also cost more. I am willing to negotiate if the offer seems fair.



1.) A Thorn Dream [PG-13] : $6
2.) Get Ready [PG-13] : $4
3.) Unknown Title [PG-13] : $6
4.) I love you more than you love me [G] : $3
5.) Goodbye Lonelymen [G] : $3
6.) Still [PG] : $4
7.) R-Deco [G] : $3
8.) Unknown Title [G] : $3
9.) Unknown Title [G] : $3
10.) Winter [G] : $3
11.) R-Deco.R [PG] : $6
12.) Rhapsody in Spiral [PG] : $4
13.) Unknown Title [PG] : $3
14.) Tada, Mabushikute [R] : $8 (Note: It SAYS 18+ but the detail does not justify the rating of 18+)
15.) Unknown / Two Artists [PG-13] : $8 (Note: Amarans' stuff is pretty rare. This one especially.)
16.) Unknown Title [PG-13] : $6
17.) 21x10 [PG] : $6
18.) Doripon [PG-PG-13] : $12 (Note: This is an Anthology with 170+ pages and several artists)
19.) Unknown Title [18+] : $5
20.) Tsupposhi! [18+] : $6
21.) Unknown Title [18+] : $8
22.) Polaris [PG] : $14 (Note: This is another, very good, Simon/Rossiu Anthology with 22 artist stories)
23.) GG640 Project [PG] : $10 (Note: Another Anthology. 10 Different Artists. At least 80 pages)
24.) Not Yet [18+] : $4


1.) Rhythm x Rhythm [R] : $8 (It is 18+, but there is only one or two images that rate it so.)
2.) Cherish [G] : $4
3.) Strawberry [18+] : $6
4.) Saddlery [G] : $3
5.) Trouble Maker [PG-13] : $5
6.) Unknown Title [PG-13] : $6
7.) Unknown Title [PG-13] : $3
8.) Stop crying your heart out [18+] : $7


1.) MaruMa Fanbook 4 //KKM-ConradxYuri [PG-13] : $4
2.) C.O.N //KKM-ConradxYuri [PG-13] : $4
3.) MaruMa Fanbook 1 //KKM-ConradxYuri [18+] : $2 (There is a cut on the back cover, but otherwise undamaged)
4.) Change my Style //KKM-YurixMurata [G] : $2
5.) We're no Angels //Bleach-General [PG] : $4
6.) Willful Murder //Deathnote-LxLight [18+] : $6
7.) Omega 2-D //Deathnote-General [PG-13] : $2
8.) Deathtix // Deathnote-LxLight [R] : $6

I am aware that a lot of the titles may be wrong or unknown, but I do not read Japanese nor have I found the English titles online. If you have them for me, I would appreciate it. Until then, they're just unknown. Thank you for looking!
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
24 April 2011 @ 10:13 am
Ikkicon was awesome, but Zach's skanky crackheaded ex was there and QQ'd in her DA journal about seeing us and she called me fat :/ She's fatter than me, she has no room to talk XD Anywho, I've lost weight since then and I'm losing more. I'm currently about 150 or so. Now that I've gotten outta Ft Hood and into Hobart (aka near home) I should be good. I'm gonna start walking and such, my goal is to be down to at least 140 or 135 by A-kon 22 :3

Oh believe me, revenge will be sweet when served at A-kon. Though she'll prolly read this and decide to be a little bitch and not go XD I know I'm bitching too but she's suuuuch a SLUT XD ...ANYWHO...

I'm just gonna skip to the goods.

A-kon 22 PLANS!

Alright, first A-kon without Zach T~T He'll be in Iraq unfortunately, but that doesn't mean we can't have tons of fun. It should be me, Wolfie, Demi (maybe) Bekah and/or possibly Sierra. So its gonna be a chick fest. Well, Corey will be there, but he keeps to himself so XD Maybe I'll invite my old Nia (Chy Chy <3) and Adrian. The more people, the cheaper the room XD

Alrighty, COSPLAYS!

Maria Ushiromiya from Umineko since I didn't go to Naka-kon like I wanted ;~;
Bernkastel from Umineko (This costume is complete)
Anna Kyoyama from Shaman King (Just to piss skanky mcbitch pants off XD And to show her how to REALLY do the cosplay XDDDD lololololololol)
Nia from Gurren Lagann (I has the wig, but this cotsume may be reserved fro TNT)
Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds :D Lolol I know, I'm lame.
Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin (Because my friend wants to be Sanosuke)
Ken from Digimon (Another Maybe)
and possibly Faux-livia from Fringe (Dunno, Might not be able to pull this together)

I know thats a hella long list, but I'm trying to bring as many as I can, just in case its too hot to do some. Always good to have a fall back or four. XD

Well, I know I bitched a lot, but I have a lot of energy and such XD Because ACTUALLY her calling me fat did the opposite, it just motivated me to lose weight and piss her off even more. I know I'm evil... I love it XD

Tata for now, will update when more is known <3

( x-posted to my DA )

Until next time! HAPPY COSPLAYING~ <3
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
So... at the last minute, Zach and I decided we're taking the family to Naka-kon! WOOOOO~ 

So I decided to get some last minute cosplays together :D you know... because I'm so bored with my current line up of costumes XD So I ended up hand sewing my Maria Ushiromiya cosplay together. And I didn't do bad at all. I'm actually REALLY impressed with the way that it turned out. Now I got two days left to throw my sister's Beatrice (Alternate outfit) cosplay together XD

So my line up for Naka-kon is:

Maria Ushiromiya from Umineko (Prolly most of the time)
Fauxlivia/Olivia from Fringe
Simon from Gurren Lagann (Because theres gonna be a few TTGL cosplayers there :3)

I know this is a short post, but I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can look forward to a review. 


So, see ya soon :3

~Happy Cosplaying everyone!

Thanks to your U.S. Army.... I can no longer go... 

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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
 Alright boys and girls! Next on the con list is A-kon 22!!! Hopefully the con will be "cooler" this year. And by cooler I mean the temperature. Last year was fun as hell, just too damn hot. Hopefully the temperature will be in the lower 90s or maybe 80s/70s! That would be AWESOME! Another hope I have is that the elevator lines won't be so long, but I know THAT ain't gonna happen anytime soon XD 

So for A-kon I will have my license and be driving myself and my roommate there. My husband will sadly be in Iraq D: But since I will have my license I will be able to pick people up and possibly provide rooming. But thats all a matter if people are willing to pay me. :3

ANYWHO~ A-kon Cosplays are possibly subject to change, but here is what I'm planning thus far.

Beatrice (Dress) - Umineko no Naku koro Ni
Beatrice (Alternate Outfit) - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Nia - Gurren Lagann
Original Pokemon Trainer (with plushies) - Pokemon

And after that we have Tokyo in Tulsa.... now THAT is gonna be a hell of a drive. My family will be attending that one with me. I will have an Artist Alley Table and be selling stuff, so stop by and get something! Or else -shakes fist- JK XD 

Anywho Cosplays for that may be subject to change as well, but are planned to be:

Beatrice (Dress) - Umineko no Naku koro Ni
Infel - Ar Tonelico II (Remade)
Lady Cloche - Ar Tonelico II
Nia - Gurren Lagann
Simon/Commander Simon - Gurren Lagann 

Possibly some might be changed to something from World of Warcraft. And Might change Gurren Lagann cosplays depending on the cosplay group. I plan on trying to get my cosplay group to take a picture with Kyle Hebert, but we'll see how that works out. 

I'll update my cosplay list as it comes along. I still have to make costumes for siblings/friends and such. So its gonna be a busy next couple of months. 


Well, until then, HAPPY COSPLAYING~
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
24 January 2011 @ 01:55 pm
Alright guys, its been a while since I've been able to update.

A LOT has happened.

I've moved to Texas. Zach got stationed at Ft. Hood, So I'm living in Harker Heights. In a Trailer. Woooo~ -sarcasm- I'm 21 now. My friend is living with me, and my husband is going to Iraq.... yeah... it does suck.


Well after coming back from a trip that burned a HUGE hole in my pocket (I'll save the ranting until the end) I was really looking forward to this con. And as always, it doesn't let me down. I had TOTALLY forgot I was rooming a friend, so that was a little surprising. There wasn't much to the dealer's room. NO YAOI DOUJINSHI! PREPOSTEROUS! I mean really! Where is a collector suppose to increase her collection.


In anycase, the con gets a 7/10 for me. The only depressing thing was the fact that the Mikado costume I ordered turned out to be too small. Thank you cosplayfu, you fail me yet again! So thats on my boycott list. I managed to throw together a FemShizuo cosplay to go with Bekah's Kida cosplay at the last minute. Thank you Goodwill!.

Izumicon remains to be one of the more laid back cons, which I like. Definitely coming back next year.


My first year for this con. Living near Austin does have some advantages. Anyways, this con suffered a major flaw, just like Izumicon. NO FUCKING YAOI DOUJINSHI! And the small collection at the Bodyline shop doesn't count. I mean what the hell? Are they outlawing doujinshi at cons now? Then again it may have something to do with a con being on the same dates somewhere else >.> And how there is only one doujinshi shop that comes to cons...

/sigh again

Overall Ikkicon gets a 6/10 as well. It was pretty fun... but the hotel pissed me off. 670 dollar stay!!? WHAT THE FUCK?! Fuck you Hilton! Another thing on my Boycott list. >: /

Over all both cons were okay. I'm still waiting for a con with more doujinshi! :/ 

Until then, happy cosplaying~
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
18 October 2010 @ 12:46 pm
Dudes, I am SO sorry for not reporting sooner. I've just been UBER busy lately. Tomorrow I leave on a trip to Dallas, then after that I'm off to San Fran for two weeks! WOOT! So now is the time to update shit. XD Before I'm internet-less for a week. 

SO, first things first: ANIME FEST REPORT!

Late as hell, but still. 

Alright, Anime Fest gets my score of a 8.5/10. It was really fun, got to hang out with a lot of old friends and such. It was made of amazingness. Though, due to Zach not being there, it only got an 8.5. That and the fact that EVERYONE was hating on my for my cosplay. Not for the cosplay itself, for the character. I was little Rossiu you see and APPARENTLY even if you are the version BEFORE he became a douche bag, people still dislike you. :/ Sucked. But I still enjoyed the cosplay a lot. Not to mention I got a shit load of doujinshi there. My collection is up to 80 almost. Woot. But yes, all in all, a great con. I know this isn't a very detailed repost, but I got other shit to talk about. If you want a more detailed report, I may do that later, but for now this is it.

Now onto the next order of business.

Several things have happened between now and my last update. First off, I watched Durarara!! Which... was amazing. So amazing in fact, that it earned the number 3 spot on my top 5 favorite anime shows AND I will be cosplaying it at Izumicon! : D Which brings into this: 


Cosplays for Izumicon as of now are...

Mikado (DRRR!!) and my sister will be Kida <3
Possibly Raikou Shimizu from Nabari No Ou... if I can find the other accessories... if not, I'll try for the winter version.
Commander Simon (Altered and fixed) Possibly.

I'm not sure if I wanna do my Lady Cloche cosplay yet. I still need a wig and I don't think there is enough time to get one. :/ 

ANYWHO, thats that for Izumicon. Of course cosplays may be subject to change... things happen you know. 

NOW... for my new obsession. Well really its more I became drawn back into an old show after so long. Yeah, if you're looking at my Icon you should already know. 

Yes, thats right... Criminal Minds <3

I started re-watching the show and suddenly became very in love with it again. So much, that me and my Rossiu (Who has now become my Hotch) are writing a doujinshi for it. :'D Hotch/Reid FTW! 

Yes, as of right now I am re-watching the entire series. I'm on season 4 now. I forgot how amazing this show was until now. XD But alas now I must leave you and finish cleaning and packing for tomorrow.

I MAY start putting my prompts up here... MAYBE... so until next time...

~Happy Cosplaying!  

(Oh and, Journal is going to be undergoing maintenance  to convert to my new theme for Criminal Minds <3 So look out for it)

EDIT: Should I do a complete journal conversion... like... a name change too? Or do you still want me as the Cosplay Princess?
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
15 September 2010 @ 12:04 am
I'm delaying the AnimeFest Report because I'm too lazy... yeah... I know.


Kamina/Kittan?! Kittan/Kamina?!


Seriously. I love that couple so much I spazzed out when I saw that doujinshi the first time. And now its sooooo hard to find anything for that couple. SERIOUSLY?! Where is my Kamina/Kittan Kittan/Kamina love?


Am I SERIOUSLY gonna have to be the first one to write about this couple?!


I'm currently coming up with a fic... I just get so distracted that I don't end up finishing anything. :/

Well in anycase, REQUEST!


Art. Fics. Doujinshi. Anything.


Also... I want this figure: img84.imageshack.us/img84/7328/1198441537180xp2.jpg

Mainly cuz my friend would kill me for it x3

Anywho... YES!

Find me stuff!


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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
13 September 2010 @ 10:33 am
I am going to be posting more to my wishlist soon. I'm probably going to narrow this list down a bit too. To all the ones I REALLY want on one list.

I managed to find like... 3 on my wishlist so far. But only 2 on the actual compiled list I posted. Another was one I had intented to add later.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Yugamu Sekai / Rasen no honoo ( Avent Simon/Simon )

I found it scanned on aarinfantasy, so I was pretty happy. :3

I managed to find the Kittan/Kamina one :D Well actually I went back and found the person who bought it from a sale post and they agreed to sell it to me!! :D I was so happy.

I will also be posting more scans as well as the late AnimeFest report.

I have a lot to talk about in my next post. I just hate typing on a laptop so... XD
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
21 August 2010 @ 07:14 pm
I have compiled a LOOOONG list of Doujinshi I am questing for.

They are ranked with stars on how badly I want them.

* Bad
** Really bad
*** OMFG Want
**** Questing

(Any crossed out I have either found scanned or bought)

Beware this is long...Collapse )
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Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess))
04 August 2010 @ 03:14 am
So I got one of my new doujinshis today. <3 And I decided to share it with you guys :D As well as the other Simon/Rossiu one I had :3


Goodbye Lonely Men

The other one can be seen in my old post of the doujins I got from A-kon.


Goodbye lonely men:

MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/?d3xij9tj62b5fsx
MEGAUPLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0C6HVHEQ

Get Ready:

MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/?peomcpuncfm3xcs
MEGAUPLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H6UENRLA
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